5X Your Profits and Productivity

with the Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan

A done-for-you and done-with-you service so you can:

  • Make more money with a custom-created sales-boosting plan
  • Have more time so you can take that vacation, hang out with the kids, relax on the weekend...
  • And actually enjoy the business you've set up!

9 Out of 10 Startups FAIL  {source: Fortune}

That’s right. A whopping 90% of businesses that start... FAIL. 

Not only that, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 50% of new businesses survive for the first 5 years.

“Whether you make it to your 6th biz anniversary or not depends on ONE crucial element - a marketing plan tailored to your business, your life's season AND your skills.”

Do you feel like a hamster on steroids trying to run your business and live a life only to discover you’re shortchanging one or the other?

Do you look at your revenue numbers and feel the icy hand of dread clutch your heart as you realize that even after 5 years of “hustle”, you’re still not in the black?

Do you mumble your way through dinners and social gatherings when friends and family ask you about the business?

You aren’t alone, my friend.

Running a business AND making a profit while trying to live a life isn’t easy.

If it were, we’d all be lounging in our infinity pools and sipping Appletinis, right?

But the sad fact is that most business owners are either severely burned out or are desperately searching for a way to make “this” work so that they don’t have to justify the long hours on the laptop or hide their business expenses from their family members.

It is a dark, challenging and scary place and you spend sleepless nights wondering if you should just quit the whole thing and get a job.

You feel your defenses go up when someone asks you what you do all day.

You feel your heart sink when a client backs out or the sales don’t come in.

You feel jealousy creep in, as much as you hate it, each time you see another business owner celebrate her success.

Here’s the thing… it’s perfectly natural to feel this way and it really isn’t your fault.

Meet your Resident Marketing Chef

Hi! I’m Prerna Malik, co-founder of Content Bistro, where I serve up finger-lickin’ copy, content AND marketing services to time-starved entrepreneurs, worldwide.

With nearly 300 clients worldwide and a business that I’ve built from the ground up without racking up credit card debt, I know exactly what works when you’re starting or scaling your business for growth.

A solid, action-oriented and totally doable marketing plan is what has helped our clients and us double {and even, triple} revenues and profits while leading equally fulfilling personal lives.

With a marketing plan in place, we were able to not only grow our business and meet all our revenue goals from Year 1 but also get invited as a guest faculty for leading programs, be a speaker at live events for entrepreneurs and get featured on leading news outlets and websites.

Shruti Bhat Founder, Artsy Craftsy Mom

5X Sales. 3000 subscribers in less than 2 months. 24/7 support

My email list was dead. My Facebook page and group were dead. I was super frustrated with how I would make any money from my blog.

I needed a definitive guide to take my blog from “all over the place” to “organized chaos”, meet my income goals AND have someone who would respond to my desperate call for help.

Working with Prerna and choosing the Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan gave me a comprehensive action plan broken up into clear, step-by-step exercises. Our calls are highly practical and motivating with lots of action points as well. Plus, I get PDF transcripts of our calls, which keeps me on track.

Most importantly, I’ve gotten 247/7 support and friendship so I no longer feel alone or overwhelmed.

All of this has resulted in massive growth for my blog and business.

My email list went from 0 in February, 2017 to 3000 in April, 2017. I was clueless about what my subscribers wanted so we implemented a survey and that gave me incredible clarity and amazing interaction with my list.

My once-dead Facebook page is abuzz with engagement and activity and grew from 19000 to 23000+ in a few weeks thanks to the strategies implemented. PLUS… I landed a sweet gig with Snapdeal, one of India’s biggest etailers as well.

I’ve had a 5x increase in revenue thanks to the email funnel changes we made.

Plus…I now have a constant flow of ideas for product creation, revenue growth & increasing brand sponsorships.

I am really excited about my future because I see so many opportunities to grow and reach my goal

Shawn Marie Geitner Founder, Beleave Teas

More Sales. More Clarity. Constant Support.

Thanks to Prerna Malik and Content Bistro, my Online Tea Business is moving and shaking.

I was becoming overwhelmed with how to focus my energies in a productive way and I needed some help, so I decided to use Prerna's Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan.

She was really able to relate to my situation and get me going in the right direction.

I am now getting more business than ever, getting ready to launch a brand new website AND learning to filter out what is important and what isn't.

The best part is that once you work with her, you have a friend in business for life.

The help and guidance is always there when you need it most. Thank you again Prerna! You're the best!

Hemapriya Gopi Founder, Little Moppet Foods

Smashing launch. Doubled earnings. Amazing brand awareness

I'd been wanting to work with you and the Content Bistro team for a long time now, after having heard so many good things about you from fellow bloggers. So, yes, I was excited to bring you on my team and work with you as my Marketing and Launch Strategist for my new product launch but I wasn't sure because

Honestly, it was the best decision ever. The launch was a HUGE success with my earnings doubling during the launch week AND brand awareness shot up like never before! I'm super excited to now see how we smash more goals with our Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Strategy!.

Bushra Azhar Founder, The Persuasion Revolution

Prerna has this uncanny ability to take drab, dull, lacklustre text and turning it into something magical that also SELLS.

There are many “cute” copywriters out there...you know the ones who sprinkle a bit of slang, a bit of cussing and words like “darling” and “lovely” and “sweetheart” to shock people or to get their point across. But there are very few like Prerna who are strategic in their use of personality so that it doesn’t overshadow the core objective of COPY…which is to SELL THE DAMN THING!

Hire her if you want to make money from your copy or keep working with “cute” copywriters who just make you feel good.

Carrie Wilkerson Best-selling author, International speaker

If you need help with writing, copy and social posts, chat with Content Bistro about what they offer.

Prerna and her team are top notch, super friendly and thorough in all they do. I never hesitate to recommend them to friends, colleagues and clients.

The Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan

A One-of-a-Kind Tailored Action Plan for Skyrocketing Sales and Success

We don’t use the phrase “one-of-a-kind” lightly around here and the reason the Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan deserves this label is because you get:

Personalized 90-Day Sales-Boosting Action Plan

Designed to help you meet your marketing goals and take into account your life’s season as well as the time-money-energy budget that you have because a generic, cookie-cutter plan never worked for anyone.

One-on-One Review Calls, Every Month

To review your strategy, tweak it and turbocharge it so you have a plan that is powered up for YOUR business.

Unlimited Email/Voxer Access

Yes, this mean you never have to crowdsource a strategy on Facebook ever again. Admit it, you’ve done it!

Full-Blown Critique of Your Website/Blog

So you can fix glaring loopholes and plug those sales-stopping sinkholes that you don’t even know exist!

Fabulously Profitable Funnel Mapping

A fully loaded funnel mapped out for YOU for one of your products or services so you can start selling smartly right off the bat.

Better-for-Business Blog Content Calendar

Custom-created blog content calendar for 3 months, complete with topic ideas so you can kiss writer’s block goodbye forever and ever.

Guest Posting... Perfected

10 Handpicked Sites to Pitch for Guest Posts and/or Podcast Interviews, complete with Contact Details so you can build your brand and reach the right audience without having to do the legwork!

Promoting and Selling... without the Ick!

12 proven-to-work sales-boosting promotion ideas so you can share your products and/or services without feeling icky at all.

Opt-Ins on Autopilot

15 Lead Magnet ideas so you can choose the perfect opt-ins for your audience and niche.

Plug-and-Play Copy Templates

Ready-to-Use copy templates for ALL your outbound marketing needs - Product review request, Affiliate Recruitment Pitch, Warm Email Prospecting, Guest Post Pitch, Sponsorship Pitch, FB Group Intro template, LinkedIn Connection Request template… so you never have to wonder what to write in that email without sounding desperate or needy!

Professional Editing

Professional editing for your website’s home page copy, About Us page copy AND one additional page because first impressions are SO important.

Put simply, the Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan is like having your own VP of Marketing at a fraction of the cost…. And we’re not even counting the health benefits and perks!

Can you see why this done-for-you service is truly one-of-a-kind?

Picture This...

Every day, in the morning, you wake up excited and eager to get to work because you know exactly what you have to do, to fire up your sales figures.

You check your email and your inbox has a flood of emails asking for details about your latest program.

Your social media networks are abuzz with folks raving about your services and products.

Peers and even influencers have started to notice you and are reaching out with invitations to collaborate and work together.

You’re armed with a plan… a plan to succeed and nothing can stand in your way.

You’re ready to change the story about your business on your own terms and you’re taking inspired, intentional action every day.

This is you, my friend.

This is you with your very own Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan.

What's Your Investment? 

Way less than what it should be!

Yes, for as little as $27.76/day you can get your own Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan.

Rubbing your eyes?

I don’t blame you!

It is a steal and I know it…

Here’s the thing… I’ve been where you’re at right now. On a budget and looking for a solution that works to bring in those sales AND doesn’t bleed you dry in the process.

Your investment for a 90-Day Marketing Plan with built-in bonuses is a mere $2499!!

That’s right!

What’s the catch? No catch!!

*** SOLD OUT*** 

Now opens in November 2017 

Just a Quarter

Full Payment Option for a 90-Day Plan 

Pay in full for 1 quarter

Get your 90 Day Marketing Plan

  • Pillar-Specific Bonuses
  • Unlimited Voxer and Email Access
  • Website/Blog Critique
  • One-on-One Calls every month

$2499 / quarter

The Whole Year

The Seriously Juicy Savings Option!!

Pay in full for 1 year and save $997 $1830!!

Get  4x 90 Day Marketing Plans

  • ALL Pillar-Specific Bonuses!
  • Unlimited Voxer and Email Access
  • Website/Blog critique
  • One-on-One Calls every month

$9996 {one-time}

The Quarter, Sliced Up!

The  payment plan option for the 90-Day Plan

Split your payments into 2 bite-sized installments

Get your 90-Day Marketing Plan

  • ALL Pillar-Specific Bonuses!
  • Unlimited Voxer and Email Access
  • Website/Blog critique
  • One-on-One Calls every month

2 Payments of $1299

Andreea Ayers Founder, Launch Grow Joy

Working with Prerna has been amazing! She took over my Facebook community and interacted with my audience on a daily basis.

My engagement skyrocketed and every post she creates for my Facebook page gets massive engagement. My likes have increased 10% every month since I’ve worked with Prerna. I highly recommend her!

Tsh Oxenreider Founder, The Art of Simple

Prerna has done an absolutely fabulous job with my blog's Facebook page. My book's publisher had the audacious goal of doubling my following in time for my book's release, and Prerna's almost done it in only five months!

It's such a relief to entrust my Facebook page to good hands so that I can devote my creative energy to writing and building my blog.

Working with her has been a win-win: my Facebook following has grown, and I have more bandwidth to do what I love!

Pamela Wilson Founder of Big Brand System

Prerna brings tremendous enthusiasm and skill to every piece of writing she tackles. Don’t be fooled — behind that friendly face is a copywriting powerhouse.

If you have an opportunity to work with her, DO IT — she’s smart, effective, and a joy to work with.

Angela Henderson Owner, Finlee and Me

I have been burnt badly {twice!} by SEO and content marketing folks in the past and have to admit, I was a little wary when I hired Content Bistro to help improve my search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Happily enough, they’ve proven that solid SEO people still exist.

Finlee and Me has seen an increase of nearly 40% in organic traffic in a short period of 4 months. Plus, our ranking for our keywords is climbing month-on-month.

Not just that, my revenue from organic search has increased by 127%!! It’s crazy and I know that my investment in working with them on restructuring my site, creating content and building a better brand is paying off.

Andrea Kelly Owner, Andrea Kelly Designs

Before I hired you I was wondering if the cost would be worth it and if you would understand my brand and voice.

I’m happy to say that it was totally worth it.

Your services have helped me get professional information for my blog and product descriptions in an SEO friendly manner. This has freed up my time to focus on other business tasks.

Your blog posts have been informative and have increased traffic to my site. I liked the blog posts as they were topics I had not previously thought of targeting for SEO. I also like that writing on specific items such as spiritual symbols I use within my jewelry have been well researched, written in my voice with beautiful detail.

The product descriptions have been SEO-friendly as well which has increased organic searches coming to my site and therefore, has increased sales.

Overall both services have increased my on-line presence and provided lots of great information for me to use on social media, within newsletters and to help me develop my business’s voice.

Ellen Zimmerman Founder, Jewish Holidays in a Box

I signed up for the website critique package to get solid, actionable input from Prerna.

I really needed objective input, which is so hard for me, because I’m too close to my site.

Having launched the business with one product, then added 2 dozen more over the past 4 years, I hadn’t taken the time to step back to reevaluate what is now possible.

I am delighted with the super juicy, clearly organized critique full of great ideas about specifics to add/change/consider. I have printed out the critique and am working through each suggestion.

The follow-up Skype call was very helpful, too, enabling me to ask initial questions – and giving me a chance to be face-to-face with Prerna! Delightful!

And the sweet capper on the package is month-long access to Prerna via email for follow-up questions.

Is the Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan for YOU? 

Raise your latte cup {or green smoothie glass!} if you find yourself nodding to the following:

You’re a service provider who is struggling to fill her pipeline with prospects and clients, leading to a constant feast-and-famine cycle which honestly is quite frustrating for you and your family because you can never tell when a month is going to be a good one or a really bad one!

You have a product-based business and you’re struggling with getting the word out about your products. Worse, you’ve been relying on 1 or 2 sources of traffic to your site and are worried about what would happen when those dry up!

You’re a blogger who’d love to earn a full-time income from her blog but has no idea how to make money beyond ads and sponsors.

You are a coach and offer a mix of both services and programs but filling up those seats is taking way longer than it should. Plus you struggle with trying to stand out in a crowded niche with more established names than yours taking the spotlight.

So, are YOU ready to make marketing your business and selling your products and services a stress-free and seriously intentional process?

Yes, Prerna! I'm READY. How Does This Work? 

Step 1: Let's Get Cooking!!

You sign up and get your hot & happy "Let's Get Cooking" questionnaire

You fill it up and send it back to me and we schedule our call! 

We meet for a “Slice-It-Smart” Start Up call so we can fill in any missing details and get really clear on your goals. 

Step 2:Your Good-for-you, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan gets readied! 

I go to work and create your 90 Day Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan, focusing on ONE of the 4 pillars – 

  • ​Product/Service Sales Strategy
  • Email List Building,
  • Personal Brand Building,
  • Outbound Marketing

 I will be using our {about to be} trademarked One-Page Marketing Plan.

I send the plan to you.

We meet again to review and discuss the plan so you can get answers to any and all your questions.

Step 3: Do the Work, Make the Money!

You get to work, implementing the bite-sized yet powerful action steps so you can start seeing results superfast!

We continue to meet at the end of every month for 3 months and review your progress, make tweaks to the strategy and set our sights on setting up the foundations for the next pillar.

PLUS, you have my marketing brains on tap via email or Voxer whenever you’re stuck or need some strategic advice to get your money-making juices flowing.

What are the 4 Pillars for the Good-for-You, Better-for-Business Marketing Plan?

Based on our Slice it Smart Start Up Call, we’ll narrow down your 90 Day Marketing Plan to focus on 1 of the following 4 pillars.

Pillar #1: Product or Service Sales Strategy

This pillar will give you all the easy-to-implement actions that you need to take to power up your revenues and finally step off that hamster wheel of “all hustle, no play”.

You get your custom-created revenue-boosting strategy and action plan needed to sell more with enviable ease.

Bonuses Included:

  • 12 Sales Boosting Promotion Ideas
  • Funnel Mapping, Done-for-You, for One Product/Service
  • Templates for Product review request, Affiliate Recruitment Pitch, Warm Email Prospecting template

Pillar #2: Email List Building

Your email list is where community AND conversion co-exist. But if you don’t have a list or worse, have one and haven’t done anything with it… you can be sure that you would have neither community to rave about you nor conversions to fill your PayPal account with!

This pillar will focus on not only building your email list to epic proportions but also turning those subscribers into buyers and the buyers into repeat buyers.

Bonuses Included:

  • Blog Editorial Calendar Creation with 24 blog topic ideas, custom-created for you
  • 15 Lead Magnet Ideas
  • Opt-in Page Template and Thank you Page template
  • Professional editing for your website copy – home page, about me page and 1 additional page

Pillar #3: Personal Brand Building and Visibility

Your personal brand is integral to who you are online. This pillar will give you the complete {and customized} lowdown and action plan so you can build your visibility, your go-to expert status and your online presence even if you’re an introvert, like yours truly!

Bonuses Included:

  • 52 FB Live Topic Ideas
  • Facebook Group Intro Post
  • LinkedIn Connection Request template
  • 10 Handpicked Facebook Groups and/or Pinterest Boards to Connect with

Pillar #4: Outbound Marketing

How can you reach more customers? What can you do to find sponsors? Which sites would be great for guest posting on?

Outbound marketing makes it a lot easier for you to organically grow your online presence, reach more customers and make more sales.

This pillar will give you a personalized strategy and action plan needed to give your outbound marketing a {decaf!} shot in the arm!

Bonuses Included:

  • Guest Post Pitch template
  • 10 Handpicked Sites to Pitch for Guest Posts and/or Podcast Interviews, complete with Contact Details
  • Sponsorship pitch template

Here's What You'll Get:

  • A tailor-made 90-day sales and marketing plan, based on one of the 4 pillars
  • Pillar-specific, done-for-you bonuses +One-on-One Calls EVERY month
  • Unlimited email/Voxer access for marketing Qs
  • Complete critique of your website/blog

All these now for just:


Just a Quarter

Full Payment Option for a 90-Day Plan 

Pay in full for 1 quarter

Get your 90 Day Marketing Plan

  • Pillar-Specific Bonuses
  • Unlimited Voxer and Email Access
  • Website/Blog Critique
  • One-on-One Calls every Month

$2499 / quarter

The Whole Year

The Seriously Juicy Savings Option!!

Pay in full for 1 year and save $997 $1830!!

Get  4x 90 Day Marketing Plans

  • ALL Pillar-Specific Bonuses!
  • Unlimited Voxer and Email Access
  • Website/Blog critique
  • One-on-One Calls every Month

$9996 {one-time}

The Quarter, Sliced Up!

The  payment plan option for the 90-Day Plan

Split your payments into 2 bite-sized installments

Get your 90-Day Marketing Plan

  • ALL Pillar-Specific Bonuses!
  • Unlimited Voxer and Email Access
  • Website/Blog critique
  • One-on-One Calls every Month

2 Payments of $1299

Got Questions?

Here are the answers!

Is this a group coaching program? 

Will this work for a business with a physical product, like kids toys? 

What if I don't want to sign up for the year? 

What if I sign up but then change my mind? Can I get a refund? 

Will I get all the bonuses at once?

If I sign up for one quarter at the early bird price of $1999 and decide to continue, will I have to pay the regular price of $2499?