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Sweet Words aka Testimonials

Prerna has this uncanny ability to take drab, dull, lacklustre text and turning it into something magical that also SELLS.

There are many “cute” copywriters out know the ones who sprinkle a bit of slang, a bit of cussing and words like “darling” and “lovely” and “sweetheart” to shock people or to get their point across. But there are very few like Prerna who are strategic in their use of personality so that it doesn’t overshadow the core objective of COPY…which is to SELL THE DAMN THING!

Hire her if you want to make money from your copy or keep working with “cute” copywriters who just make you feel good.

Bushra Azhar Founder, The Persuasion Revolution

Prerna brings tremendous enthusiasm and skill to every piece of writing she tackles. Don’t be fooled — behind that friendly face is a copywriting powerhouse.

If you have an opportunity to work with her, DO IT — she’s smart, effective, and a joy to work with.

Pamela Wilson Founder of Big Brand System

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Prerna and her team are top notch, super friendly and thorough in all they do. I never hesitate to recommend them to friends, colleagues and clients.

Carrie Wilkerson Best-selling author, International speaker

Prerna is an expert at online persuasion. In a matter of days, she wrote a long-form sales page for me that touched on every pain point and desire my audience felt, and nudged them to purchase the solution that would solve their problem.

The page that Prerna wrote for me brought me over $17k within 20 days. I would most definitely work with Prerna again!

Nagina Abdullah Creator of
Recipe Books for Biz Success