Coffee ‘N’ Critique: 60 Minutes to a Blog That Makes Money

The Complete Blog Coaching Solution for Tired and Overwhelmed Mom Bloggers


You’re just tired.

Tired of constantly wondering whether this blogging thing is all that it’s cut out to be.SMD-business workshops main (1)

Tired of spinning your wheels figuring out what’s working and what’s not.

Tired of seeing next to no engagement and not even a trickle of an income stream.

Tired of spending tons of time trying to craft that perfect post only to find it falls flat or gets lost in the blogosphere.

Yes, you’re ready to throw in the towel, but that voice inside you is telling you that you aren’t a quitter.

Am glad it is saying that because let me tell you, you don’t have to be tired of spinning your wheels and not seeing a return on the time and effort you’re putting into blogging.

That’s right.

What if I told you that I’m right here to take you gently {yet firmly} by the hand and help you redesign the way you blog so that not only do you see financial returns but you also, experience the joy, the freedom and the excitement that blogging can bring.

I know you’re thinking that this isn’t possible, so listen…

 I Was You

That’s right.

I was you.

Prerna New Profile Pic When I started blogging over 6 years ago, I was floundering, learning on the fly, making BIG mistakes.

It was horrible, felt like “work!!” and soon the joy that came from sharing my thoughts and ideas started to disappear.

I would feel awfully sad when no one would comment on a post I’d labored over and forget about earning money from my blog, I was actually losing money, because hosting and maintenance can get expensive!

But then, something changed.

My husband, Mayank, got sick. He was in chronic and acute pain due to inflammation in his body. It got SO bad, he was on bed rest for nearly a year.

You know what crises like these do?

They make you stop spinning your wheels and start taking massive action.

Today, I not only blog for myself but I blog for businesses and have written for amazing sites, like Art of Simple, The Mogul Mom, Blissfully Domestic, Life as Mom, Life Your Way, The Cubicle Chick and SO many others. 

ALL of these are paid positions.

Yes, my blogging is my business.

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 But…Here’s Why Not Everyone Who Blogs Can Have a Business

You know you see SO many blogs come up every single day.

Are all of them making a 6-figure income from their work?

I doubt it.

The thing is that we all start off bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but then, once the everydayness of blogging creeps in, the excitement wears off.

You know all the blogspeak like, WordPress, SEO, social media, sponsors, outreach, guest posting.

Well, they aren’t going to help much.

There is no greater thing

As long as you don’t have a clear vision, a well mapped out action plan and you don’t fix what needs fixing, knowing ALL the blogging language in the world wouldn’t stop you from spinning your wheels, getting overwhelmed and being just tired of where you are while the others are speeding past and making giant leaps. 

You need clarity and control.

Sangeeta K Testimonial

Personally, I love what I do because it lets me be at home with my daughter while engaging in financially rewarding creatively fulfilling work. I have complete clarity over where I’m headed, and have full control over the actions I need to take in order to meet my goals.

But the hard fact is…

 Blogging for Business Isn’t for Everyone

That’s right. Blogging for business isn’t for everyone.

Maybe you just want a place to journal and share photos of the grandkids for the grandparents.

Or maybe you don’t like the idea of making too much money.

If that’s so, you can stop reading my long letter right now.;)

But if you are different, well, that’s awesome!

  •  If you’re ready to see results {read, sales!} from your blog…
  •  If you’re ready to earn a paycheck from your content…
  •  If you’re ready to be viewed as an expert in your field…
  •  If you’re ready… I have JUST what you need : Me!

 You, Me and… Coffee

Since establishing myself as an expert business blogger, I often get questions like:

How do I earn money from my blog?

How long do I spend on writing my posts?

What are my top tips for increasing pageviews?

How can a blog help a product-based business?

Should I even have a blog? Can just my website do the trick?

How long before I can start to earn a $1000 from my blog?

While I’m always delighted to answer the questions… the real answer is: there is no cookie-cutter answer. Every blogger, like every person, is unique.

Some can earn a hefty income from information products while for others sponsors are the way to go.

Some can spend 30 minutes and whip out a stellar post while others may take 2 days.

Some can earn their first $1000 within the first 30 days while others take 1 year.

So, you see…

The question isn’t “How can I do what XYZ does?”

The question is, “How can I do what’s best for MY blog?”

And THAT is where I come in. With coffee, of course!

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 How I Can Help You

Would you like to know how you can monetize your blog without losing your soul or sanity?

Would you like to learn what you need to fix on your blog so you can see the engagement you so deserve?

Would you want to find out exactly how you can position yourself as the go-to expert in your field?

Would you just want someone to be upfront, honest and straightforward with you about your whole blogging venture?

Well, you’re in luck!!!

Over the next 30 days, I’m going to help 5 people create a blog that they love and that brings them visibility, exposure and income.

 You’ll get:

Coffee and Critique


  • My actionable critique packed with tips for YOUR blog, specifically. It’s an info packed PDF guide covering at least 5 or more areas that are crucial for your blog’s success as an income generation, visibility boosting tool.
  • My in-depth analysis of what’s working well and what needs fixing.
  • A 60-minute Skype session where we’ll review the detailed Blog Critique and go over your action plan.
  • A chance to ask me your burning questions about how to make this whole blogging thing best for your life.
  • Exclusive priority email access to me for 30-days.

By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

 You’ll have the recipe you need to make your blog the best dish of the day, every day!

 What’s the Investment?

Honestly, not as much as it should be.

Because… I’m bottling up 7 years of learning and mistakes to avoid so that you don’t flounder, get frustrated or even, fail as I did in my early days.

The loss of money and time is just WAY too expensive when you have very little of both!

By having a coffee chat with me, we can help you save all that time and money, and not to forget, the stress. I can’t put a price tag on all of these savings but I can safely say, that it will be at least 10 to 30 times more than your investment in this session. Shruti Artsy Craftsy Mom Testimonial

PLUS, because I *know* what it is like to be starting out without a roadmap or guidance and being on a budget and because both Mayank and I place a premium on being value-for-money, I wanted it to be accessible for all bloggers who’re serious about being business savvy with their blogs.

With that, your one-time investment for a “Burstin’ with Flavor”

Coffee and Critique with Coaching Consultation will be $299. THIS is ONLY for BLOGS. If you have a business website, it’s $499 and you need to send me an email to schedule a session:)

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 My Guarantee: Be Delighted… or Eat Free

I am 110% sure that by the time you receive your custom created Critique and Action Plan PDF and we wrap up our Skype session, you’ll be delighted. You’ll have complete clarity and full confidence in your abilities to turn this blogging gig into an income generating and soul satisfying business.

If not… eat free. I mean, seriously, I’ll refund your money. All of it.

BUT I will ask that you apply the advice and action plan you get and share it with me so that I can be sure that you put in the work.

Just email me once your 30-days email access is over, with your progress details, and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.


Because I want you to make headway, take action and see results.


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 Alright, want to know what’s the next step… here you go:

 Fill up the questionnaire below and make your payment.

I’ll send you a more in-depth questionnaire and then get to work straight away to create your custom critique and action plan covering 5 key areas of your blog.

You’ll get this within 2 weeks and then, we’ll set a date to Skype, where we’ll go over your action plan, brainstorm a workable strategy keeping in mind your life season and your goals and set you up for success with my secret “kitchen” tools for productivity and profitability.

Warning: I can ONLY do this for 5 people this month, simply because I have a full-time blog and social media business and a daughter who loves to bake with her Mama. :)

So, if you’re ready to make a commitment to actually take your blog to the next level, see results from the content you’re sharing and experience the joy that earning an income from your blog brings,

fill out the form and let’s get started!