31 Days to More Customers: Supercharge Your Sales with a FREE Challenge

31 Days to More Customers

Have you been thinking about shutting shop because you’re so frustrated with the lack of sales your business has been generating?  Do you taste that bitter taste of failure when you hear about others’ skyrocketing numbers?  Does your stomach churn and head pound when you think of the hours of toil and sweat you’ve put into a business that really shouldn’t be called a business because it doesn’t make you any money?  If so, you aren’t alone and this lack of customers for your products or … [Read more...]

Get More Customers {Day 5}: Are You Telling Them What They Want to Know

31 Days to Get More Customers Day 5

Yesterday we tackled the question whether your website was doing its job or not, on the whole, by being a breeze to use and a conversion machine to help you get more customers. Today, it’s another insanely important yet often forgotten element of your website that can impact your sales, either positively or…yep, negatively! I’m talking product descriptions.  You’ve got to ensure that your product or service descriptions are punchy, powerful and packed with just the information that your … [Read more...]

Get More Customers {Day 4}: Is Your Number One Salesperson Doing Its Job?

Get More Customers Day 4: Easy Button Sales

Do you know what a visitor sees when they land on your site? Nooo... I’m not talking about that stunning image of you or that gorgeous product photography. I’m talking about what they actually see and feel. Do they see someone who’ll take away their pain and bring relief, joy, comfort, peace? Do they feel confident, secure, engaged and excited by what you have to offer? Do they think “This is what I need. Where has this been my whole life?” Yes, today’s Get More Customers … [Read more...]

Get More Customers {Day 3}: What They Want YOU to Know

Want to Increase Sales Ask the Right Questions

Today’s Get More Customers Challenge is all about… yes, customers. It’s about getting to know who you serve or create products for. We call them our “delight-to-serve” customers. These are the people who are the reason we’ve created a product or provide a service. Working with them lights up our life, keeps the passion pumping and brings great results. They’re the customers who buy your products and then, talk about them to everyone. You want MORE of them. Right? Let’s get to work, … [Read more...]

Get More Customers {Day 2}: Drizzle Delight By Sharing Your Story to Increase Sales

Get More Customers by Sharing Your Story

Yesterday, we figured out how you can welcome your customers right and literally roll out the red carpet for them by fixing your home page. Today, we get a little personal. That’s right. Sharing who you are, why you do what you do, what values you have, and how you weave those into realizing the vision you have for your business is all incredibly personal stuff. It is also the stuff that strengthens a prospect’s connection with you. It is the secret sauce that you need to drizzle … [Read more...]

Get More Customers Day 1: Roll Out the Red Carpet

Get More Customers Challenge Day 1

#GetMoreCustomers {Day 1}: Are YOU Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Customers and Clients? Let's kick off this 31 Day Challenge to help you skyrocket sales by asking an important, yet oft-forgotten question: Are you welcoming customers the right way? Think about it this way…When you have guests come over, you want to make sure that your foyer and living room are presentable, right? Because these are the first 2 areas {and usually the only ones!} they’ll see and use. The rest of the house … [Read more...]

How Being a Parent Can Improve Your People Skills

How to have better people skills

People skills. Networking. Building relationships. Every entrepreneur needs plenty of this and in good measure. Whether you’re starting a new business or growing your current one, chances are your people skills are under the spotlight, all the time. As an ISFJ that makes me very uncomfortable indeed but I have learnt to manage it, thanks to the special skills that being a parent demands. If you want to learn how to improve your people management skills, you’re in the right … [Read more...]

Business Blogging 101: My Easy, No-Fail System to Come Up with Creative Original Content All the Time {Free Downloadable Included}

business blogging

Business blogging is my jam. Period. I thrive when I create content for fellow business owners. Whether it is a mom photographer or a handmade jewelry storeowner, I just love to pull back the curtains on their business and share their brilliance with their audiences. Since, at any given time, I’m creating content for at least 5-7 different businesses, I know that it can get tough coming up with ideas that resonate with their community and reflect their values as well. If you, too, … [Read more...]