5 Life Changes I’m Making for a Better Business {And You Can Too!}


Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared snippets of our journey as a family-based business and the values that have held us together and encouraged us to keep moving forward. I’ve talked about how we started {and have grown} our business with no debt and with perceived disadvantages, like locations and connections. I’ve revealed a raw and real post on how tough it can be when you’re trying to start a business and grow it but are struggling with chronic illness. I’ve also, shared an … [Read more...]

How to be Productive Everyday Easily, Instantly, Surely as a Parent-slash-Entrepreneur


How to be productive every day when you have a bajillion and one things to handle? Spoiler alert: Scroll to the bottom to discover my secret :)  How to manage your time when literally it seems to fly out the window as soon as you {and the kids} wake up? How to get more done when you barely have the energy or the inclination to do the bare minimum? When I started writing this post, I sat at the laptop and banged out an introduction. Then, I deleted it. Here’s the thing… I’ve … [Read more...]

On Debt, Disadvantages and Doing Your Thing

On Debt Disadvantages and Doing Your Own Thing

5 years ago, with a 2-year old in tow, and a very unwell husband, we started Content Bistro {it was then called Social Media Direct}. We had a handful of clients, no jobs to fall back on and literally a $0 budget. We spent a grand total of $200 on our business in the first year. That included the costs for web hosting. That’s it. Nothing else. Year 2 onwards, we started investing 10% of whatever we made into learning, development and growth. We’ve stuck to that since. Today, we … [Read more...]

Work-Life Balance Quotes AKA Advice and Inspiration from Entrepreneurs Just Like You

work life balance quotes from real entrepreneurs

When I started to write this post on work-life balance quotes, I did what nearly everyone else on the Internet does… power up Google and type in “work life balance quotes” Google is good, but I realized I don’t need some XYZ telling me about work-life balance when for all I know, they have an army of people to do things for them, no young kids to take care of and a life very different from my own, and yours too. So, I shut that door and instead, knocked on a few friends’ virtual doors … [Read more...]

Tips for Entrepreneurs Buying a House: Our Home-Buying Story and How We’ve Done it Without a Mortgage

How to Buy a Home Mortgage Free Tips for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneurial couple, we’re often asked to share our tips for entrepreneurs who may be starting out or are in the middle of their journey and now want to start putting down roots. Which often brings up the question: Do entrepreneurs really need to own a house? Our answer and this is strictly for us is a resounding YES. As much as we love travelling, the nomadic lifestyle isn’t for us as a family. For starters, Manini is private-schooled not home-schooled, so we don’t want to … [Read more...]

The Incredibly Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy Template for eCommerce Store Owners

the ultimate digital marketing strategy template

A digital marketing strategy template that brings results, works wonders on boosting engagement and best of all, is easy to implement. Yes, I’m not kidding. THAT is what you are gonna have by the time, you finish reading this post. Want to skip the queue? Click here to download a PDF ready‐to‐print‐and‐use template aka recipe ;) and get started now. Click and download, easy-peasy. No opt-in needed or anything. You're welcome ;)  What Is Digital Marketing Strategy, After All Digital … [Read more...]

How to Stand Out with Your Blogger Outreach Strategy and Blow the Competition Away

the step by step scrumptious recipe for creating a good for business blogger outreach strategy

Spoiler alert: A blogger outreach strategy is a powerful way for you to stand out and yes, your business needs it. Okay, so now that, THAT is clear, let’s get straight to the juicy bits. Wait, you say. Back up, Prerna what IS a blogger outreach strategy? Is it what I do when I email a few folks who write blogs and ask them to share my product in a post? Does it cost money? How do I even know it works? Yep, I can see, you have questions. Good news is I have answers. I also, … [Read more...]

The {Hidden} Truth About Time Management for Entrepreneurs

the hidden truth about time management system

Your alarm goes off. You drag yourself out of bed, fumble through brushing your teeth and washing your face {barely!} and pick up your phone to do a quick {hah!} check on email. 30 minutes later, you’re still groggy and sleepy but scrolling through your FB feed, liking posts by people who you don’t even remember meeting ever. 45 minutes in and you’re now hungry, so you grab a snack {read, last night’s leftovers or whatever was in a packet and didn’t need cooking} and open up the news … [Read more...]