My Top 10 Takeaways from a Blogging Conference and Our ONE THING for This Year

Blogging Conference takeaways

On the 12th of August this year, I boarded a plane ALL by myself and flew to Brisbane, via Singapore. It was the very first time I had travelled alone, internationally to a country I had never been too for a conference I had never attended before. Hey, I’d never been to a conference ever, let alone this one. It gets better. At the Brisbane airport, I was met by a lady I’d never met or interacted much with before and she generously and graciously drove me to the conference venue on … [Read more...]

On Turning 36: 36 Entrepreneur Lessons Learnt While Building a Small Business and Raising a Family

36 Tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s my 36th birthday today. That's Mayank and me today at a FUN birthday lunch date. :) And I thought that one of the best ways I can celebrate is a) by giving a sweet 36% off on ALL our eCourses and niche services. So, if you’ve had your eye on Content Cookbook, The Social Spread,The Business Blog Brew eBook Grab and Go, Coffee N Critique, or Affiliate Abundance, use the code, BIRTHDAY to save 36% on them. Ends 07/30/2015 at 23:59 PM EST b) by sharing 36 entrepreneur tips and lessons … [Read more...]

5 Online Content Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

5 Online Content Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

Online content writing is powerful. It can set your brand apart and turns readers into subscribers or customers. It can also turn people away faster than you can say “content”. That’s right. Done perfectly, online content has great power to influence, persuade, and turn a regular reader into a brand ambassador. Done wrong, it can be the death knell for an online business. Readers feel disconnected, don’t engage and worse, discard a business or brand as being amateurish. 5 Online Content … [Read more...]

Distractions for Entrepreneurs: Are They Killing Your Business?


Want to know the biggest threat to an entrepreneur’s success? One word: Distractions. That’s right. Distractions for entrepreneurs are the proverbial rabbit hole that Alice fell into. They’re like ordering that rich, gooey dessert knowing that it isn’t good for you but not being able to help yourself either. Distractions pull you and suck you in and before you know it, you’ve spent precious hours being a voyeur of other people’s lives on Facebook. Why Are Distractions for Entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: The Secret Business Building Strategy {and a Blueprint to Help you Craft Yours}

supercharge your business growth with this secret strategy

“So what is the one thing you think helped your business grow in the last 12 months?” asked a coaching client as we wrapped up our session last month. I’m sure she expected me to give her some killer marketing advice or ninja sales techniques. Because she was pretty surprised when I said “Self-care. Taking better care of my body and soul is what helped me scale, grow, exceed goals with ease.” It’s the truth. Self-care is probably the single most important business building strategy that I can … [Read more...]

14 Pro Blogging Tips to Supercharge Sales and Bring More Readers

14 Blogging Tips to Supercharge Your Blog

  Blogging is hard. There. I said that.  Blogging for a business can be harder. Blogging to earn an income can be tougher. You need to come up with great content ideas. Write them. Upload them. Optimize them. Find gorgeous images to go with them. Send them out to the world via email and social media. And even then, there is NO guarantee that readers will flock over and love your content. Chances are, you’ll often hear crickets. Hard work, like I said. The good news is {and yes, there … [Read more...]

6 Business Books You Can’t Afford to Ignore if You Want to Grow, Stand Out and Succeed as an Entrepreneur


Business books are pretty much my standard reading fare these days. Honestly, I barely read more than one fiction book a month, but am going through nearly 4-5 books on entrepreneurship, easily. One of the key reasons is that my word for this year is GROW. Grow our work life balance. Grow our business. Grow my knowledge. Grow the more “concrete” business-y things, like our email list, pageviews, and visibility. Yes, growth is what I’m focusing on. And reading is how I grow. If, like me, … [Read more...]

How to Save Time, Increase Sales and Skyrocket Traffic This Summer

How to Save Time, Increase Sales and Attract Targeted Traffic This Summer

How to save time. ...Increase profits or sales. ...Get more traffic. Do any one of these show up in your entrepreneur or blogger wishlist too? If so, you aren’t alone. Nearly every single business owner or blogger I have ever spoken with over the last 7 years has expressed a desire for at least one of these and sometimes, all 3. Because let's face it... more time, more money, more visibility are what you want from your business or blog.   But then, you throw summer into the mix and life … [Read more...]